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Dimensions Of  Quantum Presents: Asad 

"To Transcend Ourselves, Rise Above Our Current Stage"

Welcome to Dimensions of Quantum! On our upcoming program, we welcome Asad, Yellow Overtone Seed, Crystal Aura and Animal Wisdom Consultant.  Asad's topic, To Transcend Ourselves, Rising Above Ourselves is very pertinent indeed.  Join us for an opportunity to speak directly with Asad.


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Look to the future always know who you are. It is better to know one fault in yourself, than to know a thousand in someone else. Even if people ridicule and reject you, even if it feels like the world is against you, be as you always were, yourself.

Asad Khan


Your words have power more power than you know. Ask and ye shall receive, if you believe you have free will then you are free, if believe that free will is a mirage than you have taken your own freedom away. The only prison in this world is the one that you create. Asad 



The soul is a collection of data and information which makes up your consciousness.  And when you are reincarnated the data that is no longer deemed necessary by your consciousness gets left behind and becomes a separate entity, and that is your past life. Reincarnation in and of itself is it's own form of evolution.  Quartz Crystals are like microchips in a computer they can store and transfer data, which means they can store and transfer information and knowledge that your other past lives may have.” 

Asad Akhansciousness Pharoah

A divine entity does not control our individual plans paths or destinies...we the choices we make in our past and present. That is the philosophy of the universal chess board.