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Life Path Awakening
Intuitive Learning Programs Of Mastership
For Home School Collectives

"The DNA that you activate when you step out into this dimension known as birth is the sterile point that you're then going to learn all of the rest of the stuff so that you can make your ascension... The key is: What is the standard that, that individual should be taught as to how they should deliver their gift".   ALIEN DIMENSIONAL INTERFACE DR. JEWEL POOKRUM PT 7


  • [_] 11/2   Spiritual Messenger Master Illumination: Healer, Use of truth & guiding light to raise world spirituality to Cosmic Consciousness for a new vision, new health, & a new view    regarding life. Has the power to change environments in order to create these new conditions, building new minds & bodies. Must work on goals/missions that provide service to the public. Promoter, teacher, speaker, writer 
  • [_] 22/4    Master Builder: Director Of Spiritual Consciousness. Use of spiritual principles to execute plans within organizations designed to build for all humanity. The reader of the Akashic Records. Use of positive altering forces & Kundalini energy to elevate & create in the image of God through spiritualization & a powerful perfect balance of  internal harmony & cooperation. Business, directing others towards achievement, caring for & completing of work left undone by others. 
  • [_] 33/6 Master Teacher Of Healing Energies: Joyful. Giving healing through devotion of service and responsibility from an unconditional love. A reformer of those who struggle with indulgences in negative activity. Lives life by examples of love and offering forgiveness to those who require help with transformation by the renewal of the mind. Preacher, Speaker, Teacher of teachers.
  • [_] 44/8 Master Material And Spiritual Power: Self Control. Through understanding of financial values making the best spiritual use of material abundance by having a direct link to higher wisdom. Attains wholeness by controlled energy through discipline, wisdom, & devotion. Use of Divine creative energy for the highest creative ideal of Godliness. Business, military career
  • [_] 55/1 Master New Thought Forms: Telepathy, Prophecy. A mediator who strives to promote a stream of life between Higher Consciousness & the developing self. Expands spiritual consciousness for spiritual insights. Visualizes future accomplishments for the benefit of humanity. Gifted in listening to the problems of others & how to offer new patterns of thought in advising of walking the lighted path to attain spiritual goals. Ability to utilize gifts of mental telepathy, astral projection, & prophecy.  Sales
  • [_] 66/3    Master Cosmic Love: Philosopher, Teaching, Sharing Wisdom. The philosopher who has gained personal transformation through suffering or sacrifices & has learned that compassionate love must be expressed while living in this dimension. Development comes from working with opposite energies: passion/compassion, pleasure/pain, joy/sorrow. Through these emotional experiences the soul is strengthened & opened to instruction and obedience without bitterness. 

Calculate Your Youth's Vibrational Energy

It is between the Universal Tides Of Order and Our Children's desire to return that determines their natural gifts, purpose for their lives, and the cycles they must live through in continuum.  This is calculated by using the numbers in their Date Of Birth:

Jan-1   Feb-2   Mar-3  Apr-4   May-5    Jun-6

Jul-7    Aug-8   Sep-9 Oct-10  Nov-11  Dec-12

[] Inner Child:

The day one was born offers understanding of youthful natural gifts, character strengths & weaknesses under the age of 30. These will help one’s Life's Path Purpose after maturity. 1st indicator for: emotions, hobbies, food & oils. For July 26 1997= (2+6) = 8

[] Life Path Purpose:
Total of D.O.B. Identifies character strengths, weaknesses, & talents to develop & used for one’s work during maturity past the age of 30. An area to look at for true friendship. For July 26 1997 = (0+7+2+6+1+9+9+7) = 41 =4+1 = 5 Timing for 28yr cycles; 9yr transitions (lessons) & challenges (development); 1yr & monthly cycles. 2nd indicator for: physical health, food & oils. Also determines Personal Year. Calculating a 2010 Personal Year. For July 26 1997 = (0+7+2+6+2+0+1+0) = 18 =1+8 = 9

Asad speaking to an adult audience about his Science educational studies as they examine his models.

  • Silicon Quartz Crystals & how it's used in computers, radios, and in therapy. 
  • Cryptozoology: The many mysterious animals found in folklore.

1-99 Attributes: The Character Strengths & Opportunities within one's Destiny instilled by the name given at birth. Check the list above that accurately describes your student/child where they are in display of character or talents

  • a1    b2     c3    d4    e5      f6      g7     h8    i9
  • j10   k11   l12  m13    n14   o15    p16   q17   r18
  • s19  t20   u21  v22    w23    x24    y25   z26

[] Key: Total of letters of 1st name only. Guidance for what to do in one’s chosen field of work & opportunities charted in the Destiny area. 3rd indicator for: mental development through books & materials to study. Menq = (4+5+5+8 )= 22

[] Opportunities/Destiny: Total letters of full birth name. Evolution of talents, & wisdom gained from experiences that influence development & one’s life story. Indicates the fields of work to walk in using the “Life Path” and one’s mental interactions working with others. Menq = (4+5+5+8 )= 22 + Ammur (1+4+4+3+9) = 21 + Khan (2+8+1+5)=16 22+21+16= 59 = 5+9 = 14 = 1+4 = 5
[]Heart/Soul Desire: Total of vowels a,e,i, o,u, & y as in Ebony or Chastity. The inner self and true motivation in life that drives one to set & reach goals. An area that has the most influences over choices made walking on this “”play-net” earth, Here is the spiritual awakening to fulfill purpose. This is also the area of heartfelt relationship building. Menq Ammur Khan = 5+1+3 = 9
[] Personality:  Total number of consonants in birth name: b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,x & y as in Yohab or Yetunde. An indicator of how others perceive you to be. The first impression. Menq Ammur Khan = (49 = 4+9= 13 = 1+3) = 4.

  • [_] 77/5 A Lone Mystic Master Of Changing Old Concepts To New Concepts Spiritually Wise. To walk the path of the initiation into conscious union with the Higher Consciousness within. Achieve inner wisdom transmute it to cosmic love through purification mentally, spiritually, emotionally, & physically checking a rebellious nature through obstacles & tests. Often misunderstood while seeking ways to help humanity. Inspiring visions of trust & faith in opportune moments of everyday occurrences of life.
  • [_] 88/7 Master Of Material Reform: New Awakening Power Power & authority of the material world with spiritual laws. Opportunities come through challenging situations. Meditation exercises that realigning brain function toning the right and left hemispheres of the brain maximize resources. Develop discipline to overcome excess by having free choice to make correct decisions by following the 8 Fold Path: [] 1. Right understanding [] 2. Right thought [] 3. Right speech [] 4. Right action [] 5. Right livelihood [] 6. Right effort [] 7. Right mindfulness [] 8. Right concentration. Study motives, decisions have a long range affecting future outcomes. Follow actions that are for the good of humanity. A seed is the thought held intensely until the idea goes into the realm of emotions. The merging of thought with emotions allows the seed to take root with a firm vibrational expression released into consciousness then birthed on the physical plane as manifestation. Business
  • [_] 99/9 Avatar: A Master Of Universal Compassion & Love. Sacrifice To Give More Than One Takes. Inheriting the spiritual strength of great avatars of the past. Responsible for teaching health through universal purity freeing self from former negative habits & ideas through the concept of healing touch, love therapy & spiritual sensitivity, often misunderstood. Artistic genius, teacher
  • [_] 100/1 Insight & Illumination: In The World But Not Of It. Possessing the powers of the Mystics qualifying self through manifestation of: Honesty, helpfulness, fairness, justice. Developing traits of sharing & cooperation. Assisting in the expansion of Cosmic Consciousnes
  • Asad collecting his models from the audience




    As being acknowledged by his audience