Crystal Feathering Energy Work

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Vibrational Balancing Through Crystals & Feathers

Relax with the sound of "OM", Indigenous Flutes, Drums, Toning Forks & Nature Sound Music: rain, ocean, birds, wind, chimes. Soothing the body and internal organs with music allows relief of deep states of depression. Listening to the balancing and harmonizing of sounds can relieve deep-seated trauma which is often times the source of physical discomfort. The body responds very sensitively to the feathering  and the slight waves of sound. The subtle vibrations of animal medicine consultations can invoke images and encourage releasing of memories and emotions that are locked inside the body. Music that enables one to explore multiple themes, textures, and rhythms allows the mind to wander having a therapeutic affect.When we listen to music, the vibrations and waves of the sound from instruments resonate first within the ears, and then gradually moves throughout the whole body.

  • Crystal balls: Known as windows of purification, rounding off the rough edges of one's energy field.
  • Double terminated crystals: Protective, useful for meditation and stabilizing effects.
  • Generator crystals: Revitalizes. Stimulating the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. It cleanses the chakras with radiant light, removing disturbances and instability.
  • Record Keeper crystals: Much wisdom is stored in this stone. It carries the universal secrets allowing one to reach higher knowledge for the purpose of peace and love.


Quartz Crystals and Gemstones are mentioned in many sacred texts often worn in the breastplate of the prophets. It is said that the stones give insight and healing energy to it's wearer.

Crystals are the teachers of traditional healing. Many practitioners who use the stones place them underneath the massage table and lay them on top of the person receiving the vibrational force.


  • Pesonal Benefits Of Energy Therapy By The Numbers That One May Experience According To:
  • For One's Inner Child, Life Path & Personal Month Vibrations
  • [_] 1 Improve energy flow & circulation
  • [_] 2 Strengthen & harmonize vital organs
  • [_] 3 Ease tension, strained nerves, pain
  • [_] 4 Break up old energy patterns
  • [_] 5 Strengthen organs, restlessness
  • [_] 6 Improve deep breathing & chakras
  • [_] 7 Eliminate toxins, lactic acid
  • [_] 8 Soothe & relieve mental anxieties
  • [_] 9 Restore sense of wellbeing

The tent acts as a serene personal environment for the student. The objects in my tent are all important:

· The dream catcher is used to get rid of negative thoughts.

· The dragons are channelers of the crystals energy and sacred guardians of tradition and wisdom.

· The Buddha’s smiles are to give people joy and happiness.

Each session is done with no contact with my student’s body. What I feel during the sessions are surges of chakra energy flowing from my student’s body to the chosen gemstone. The work I do is called balancing transfer. It’s when I use the student’s “chosen” gemstones to cleanse disordered chakra energy. With the help of gemstones and the student’s personal aura I am able to sense any energy distortion. Afterwards I teach about the traditional uses of earth medicine. To cleanse the gemstones, with the help of my assistant Mahdsiah, he bathes the gemstones in salt water to prepare for the next student.

Balancing chakras with electromagnetic energy
of quartz crystals & gemstones