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Favorite subjects: Crystals, Health, & The Study Of Ancient Animals

Asad Menq-Khan is ambitious with an inner strength. He focuses on goals and applies the necessary imagination, determination, and effort to realize them. His favorite subjects are: quartz crystals, cryptozoology, nature science, wholistic health, social studies, and martial arts. He loves speaking to people of all walks of life and all ages. Asad loves teaching about the ancient uses of quartz crystals and the benefits of meditation while encouraging the best in people. Asad uses his knowledge to help people to understand themselves and ultimately build a better society.

Asad Menq-Khan, Cryptozoologist, Crystal Energy Body Worker, Wholistic Health Consultant, loves sharing with others. He has a great compassion for the world and wants to dedicate himself towards supporting others to improve the quality of their lives. He enjoys being the humanitarian, addressing the needs of society, guiding and directing community towards peace and harmony.


Music and Meditation, Asad uses music to help him flow with various activities.  When it's physical training he likes combative music with electrifying flutes and explosive drums.  During meditation Asad enjoys soft flutes that are soothing helping to relax while stimulating the imagination.