Color Therapy: Chi Life Force Balancing & Meditation

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Asad Khan, Yellow Seed Kin #44

Chi Balancing & Meditation

Chi Balancing


[_] GOLD/BRONZE  Protection

Bones, diabetes, hormones, hypoglycemia   

  • Stress relief:     Restore wellbeing, Release fear, Outdoor sports, acrobats, traveling, carpentry, horseback riding,
  • Manage Anger:  Don’t hold grudges. Forgiveness, think positive thoughts
  • Gemstones:
  • Opal 8:               Releases inhibition                   
  • Clear quartz 4,7: Clarity of thoughts  
  • Pyrite 3:             Helps one to understand that each portion of the universe maintains an inherent perfection
  • Gold 2:               Positive thinking, high ideals, calms anger/stress
  • Copper 1:           Recognize the barriers which are in the path of one's own development, stimulates optimism.
  • Bronzite1:          Decisions/resolution       
  • Bodywork:        3x weekly to balance overstimulation, headaches

[_] PINK/WHITE    Self-Care     

Bones, large intestines, liver, lungs 

  • Stress relief:     Relieve anxieties, open air morning walks. Pottery, nature antiques, skiing, religious studies, folklore, collecting rocks
  • Manage Anger:  Humor to release tension. Lighten up, avoid sarcasm
  • Gemstones:
  • Selenite 8:           Listen to the ancient wisdom
  • Moonstone 4:       Confidence & composure. Speak truth
  • Rose quartz 4,7:  Reinstates self-love after crises  
  • Rhodochrosite 4, 44: Accept/integrate “new” information, balancing love
  • Silver 4:              Popularity, speeches
  • Diamond 33:        Strength/Endurance                       
  • BodyWork:         For mental relaxation, relieves headaches.

[_] PURPLE CROWN  Higher Consciousness,

Blockages: Earthly attachments           

Immune System, addiction, inflammation, insomnia, nervous disorders, eyes, head 

  • Stress relief:      Eliminate toxins walking by water, fountains. Nature studies, science, painting, writing, puzzles, photography. meditation
  • Manage Anger:   Take time out. Take a few moments of quiet time alone.
  • Gemstones:  
  • Rose quartz 4,7:    Reinstates self-love after crises
  • Platinum 7:           Facilitates non-judgment
  • Fluorite 2, 77:       Brings rationality, assists communication, brings order to chaos
  • Pearls 7:               Strengthens guidance, truth & loyalty, personal integrity
  • Amythyst 3:          Spiritual contentment
  • Alexandrite 5:       Appreciation of life
  • BodyWork:          Helps with feelings of despondency, stress, mental
  • aggravation

[_] INDIGO 3RD EYE All Senses ESP       Vision Teacher    

Blockages: Illusion      

Central Nervous System, cerebellum, ears, eyes, leg spasms, migraine, nose, thyroid

  • Stress relief:       Deep breathing balance chakras. Cook, ceramics, all types ball games, jogging, dance.
  • Manage Anger:   Use “I” statements. Avoid criticizing, blaming, use respect
  • Gemstones:       
  • Labradorite 6,7:    Understand destiny eliminate disturbed mind 
  • Lapis Lazuli 3,33:  Remain objective. Organizing ones life, clarity. Dream guidance
  • Sodalite 4:            Use to dispel turbulence. Calms. Solidarity, trust, commonality
  • Flourite 2:            Shiatsu for circulation, upper respiratory system,

[_] BLUE: THROAT Either/Hearing     Truth, Creativity

Blockages: Lies                 

Respiratory System, bronchial tubes, colds, ear, neck, esophagus, jaw, teething, throat/mouth, thyroid, trachea, upper lungs

  • Stress relief:        Pace yourself. Crossword, puzzles, travel, swim, calligraphy.
  • Manage Anger:    Work it off. Walk, run, any pleasurable physical exercise
  • Gemstones:
  • Labradorite 6,7:     Advancing throug cycles
  • Blue Lace Agate 5: Helps to enter higher frequencies of awareness
  • Kyanite 4:             Dispels confusion, anger & frustration
  • Turquoise 1:          Brings peace of mind, improving meditation. Helps to regenerate and increase energy flow. Protection from spiritual pollutant
  • Chrysocola 5:        Renewal of strength
  • Aquamarine 1:      Intellectual reasoning
  • Agate 5:               Stabilizes aura
  • BodyWork:          Stress relief & insomnia. 

[_] GREEN/PINK: HEART Air/Touch        Love, health, courage

Blockages: Grief          

Circulatory System, blood circulation, colitis, detoxification, diarrhea, eye, high blood pressure, heart, lung, pituitary, skin, thoracic cavity,  

  • Stress relief:      Break up fixed patterns, mental stress. Address devotion & self abandonment. Chess,museum, concert,electronic, garden, sculpting
  • Manage Anger:  Identify possible solutions. Resolve issue, reschedule
  • Gemstones:
  • Unakite 9:           Embrace emotions, nurture oneself, release blockages inhibiting one’s growth
  • Rose quartz 4,7:  Reinstates self-lofe after crisis 
  • Emerald 4:          Sensitivity and loyalty
  • Coral 22:            Mystic mastery of self       
  • Aventurine 3:      Amplifies leadership qualities. Reinforces ones decisiveness. Enhances creativity
  • Jade 11:             Show gratitude. Inspires ambitions, devotion to purpose towards accomplishments of objectives. Limitless achievement
  • BodyWork:        For effects of being overworked, mentally & physically.

[_] YELLOW: SOLAR PLEXUS Fire/Sight            Self-Determination, communication

Blockages: Shame   

Autonomic Nervous/Digestive System, abdomen, arthritis, constipation, depression, diabetes, gallbladder, hepatitis, hypoglycemia, liver, back, spleen, rheumatism, stomach, ulcers, skin

  • Stress relief:     Ease tension/feeling strain nerves, Neuromuscular. Jewelry, music, paint, storytelling, travel, photography.
  • Manage Anger: Practice relaxation skills. Breathe, write in journal,
  • Gemstones:
  • Golden topaz 9:   Attracts friendship/business
  • Pyrite 3:             Keeps out pollutant vibrations
  • Amber 3:            Transmute negative into positive energy. Used in the art of manifestation. Unconditional love Renewal of vows & promises
  • Citrine 6:            Maintains states of wealth with mental focus and endurance, penetrates problems.
  • Tiger's Eye:        Organizes. Disciplines scatter
  • BodyWork:        Balances strained nerves, activity, and movement.

[_] ORANGE: SACRAL Water/Taste       Order, joy, flow

Blockages: Disappointment        

Excretory/Reproductive System, addictions, bladder, broken bones, frigidity, impotency, kidneys, backache, lymph, menstrual cramps, pelvic girdle, gastric juice

  • Stress relief:     Harmonize organs. Tension obstructs immune system. Cook, dance, swim, sail, paint.
  • Manage Anger: Once calm express anger. Be assertive not aggressive
  • Gemstones:
  • Moonstone 4:      Acknowledge destiny    
  • Iron 2:               Implement new ideas
  • Coral 22:            Mystic mastery of self
  • Carnelian 5,6:     Personal power, & compassion. Banish sorrow
  • Orange Calcite 8:Trust in the process of change, honor feelings.
  • BodyWork:        Shiatsu, reflexology, digestive system, cleansing

[_] RED: ROOT Earth/Smell        Purpose, passion

Blockages: Fear

  • Stress relief:    Energy circulation/physical will being. Write, photography, horseback riding.
  • Manage Anger: A moment of clarity. Collect thoughts before talking
  • Gemstones:
  • Ruby 3:             Shields, discourages violence
  • Onyx 6:             Alignment, self control
  • Obsidian 1:        Shielding, stabilizes energy
  • Marble 6:           Meditate, dream recall
  • Lead 4:              Group advancement
  • Hematite 9:        Allow excess energy & thoughts to drain away. Balancing yin/yang
  • Hazel woodite 8: Positive memories
  • Red Coral 22:     Expedites transfer of knowledge.Diplomacy
  • Red Jasper 6:     Eliminates procrastination. Safe travel
  • Garnet 2:           Patient manifestation
  • Copper1:           Identifies barriers
  • Bloodstone 4,6: Acceptance of change
  • BodyWork:       Improve energy flow & blood circulation.



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