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Aura is actually a magical energy cloak with a bunch of colors.  The colors change depending on the person’s attitude. And a lot of different things can change the person’s attitude. For instance what they watch can change their attitude, the objects that they are holding like a crystal, or an object that their ancestor might have held.  What they listen to like what kind of music, that’s one of the main things that can change a person’s aura. Another thing that can change a person’s aura is the people you hang around. If it’s someone you don’t your aura can turn very aggressive and turn dark red.  If it’s someone you like to be around it someone that you love, your aura will be light pink.  If it’s someone that you enjoy hanging around or play lots of games with your aura will be normal, there actually is a normal aura color. 


Reference Information: Aura by Ra Uru Hu (videos7:08 Face Book.!/video/video.php?v=428247104860

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