EVENT: Liberated Minds BlackHomeschool Expo

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Liberated Minds Black Homeschool & Education Expo

This is a conference that transforms you into a competent and confident educator of our children.

  • Learn how to prepare your child to become successful regardless of the challenges life will throw their way.
  • Get the scoop on all the best options for educating your child who is struggling in the school system.
  • Connect with the brightest minds in home school education today to learn successful techniques and tools that are proven to work.
  • Access cultural resources for young children including books, games, and posters.
  • Receive high level training from experts in the field of Independent Education.
  • Connect with the best people to become clear on what to do to empower your child.
  • Tap into great support systems.

Saturday 11am to 7pm & Sunday 1pm to 6pm

Dr. Marimba Ani, Mwalimu Baruti, Mzee Sanyika Anwisye, Kaba Hiawatha (Hidden Colors), Dr. Samori Camara, Chike Akua, Shahid Muhammad (The Math Doctor), Chef Essence, Dr. Esi Madge Willis, Njideka Karmo and Mama Wausi Ashshakur, Baba Cordell, Nana Siti Opio, Baba "Yoga" Bey, Cashawn Myers, OlaOmi Akalatunde, Aunkh Aakhu, and more.

Asad Khan Vendor Table:
Parent & Child Crysal Aura Consultations

Asad Khan provides consultations to parents and teachers to help them to better understand a child's aura energy field and the reasons for their behavior based on environmental influences.  

Asad Khan is a Wholistic Health Consultant, Crystal Aura/Medicine Animal Guide Reader, Cryptozoologist, Crystal Energy Body Worker, and a Meditation Facilitator. His voice has been heard on: WRFG 89.3 FM interviewed by Hosts Akhenaton SLM-Bey, Sherice Nicole, Wanique Khemi-Tehuti Shabazz and Mkulima Ras Kofi. Asad has also been a featured guest on Blog Talk Radio "Dimensional Healing" sharing animal guide consultations with Hosts Yaa Asantewaa and Mama Maa.  Asad uses his knowledge of quartz crystals to teach others young & old, how to meditate, explore, & balance the life force energy.


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