Consultation Assessment

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Consultation Assessment

Asad Khan, Wholistic Health Consultant

Specializing In:

* Aura/Animal Guidance,

* Crypto-zoology, 

* Crystal Energy Worker,

* Meditation Facilitator,

* STI/HIV Prevention Educator.

First heard on: WRFG 89.3 FM and featured on BlogTalkRadio: Dimensional Healing, RISE4WAR

Asad shares intuitive knowledge and animal guidance, along with the uses of quartz crystals & colors. Asad educates parents, teachers and children about the ancient traditional disciplined arts of the imagination.

These nature tools of moon phase guidance, quartz crystals and gemstones, chakra assessment, animal guidance, color-therapy reading, aromatherapy, tones, and food. These are all useful in stabilizing, harmonizing, protecting and balancing our natural vital life force energy for youth & adults.


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