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  Ancient Knowledge Of Quartz, Chakras & Dragons

Natural quartz is composed of silicon dioxide molecules. The arrangements of atoms in quartz vibrate causing it to be a receptor & emitter of electromagnetic waves. Holding a crystal when you meditate connects you with this electrical energy, it’s the same material that is transformed into silicon chips used in communication devices such as: computers, cell phones, radios, watches.

Crystals are used for mental clearing of the mind & calibration of the body balancing chakra energy fields.  Crystals also create a protective and healing vibration in one’s environment. In ancient Kemet (Egypt) dating back from 2000 BC documents record medical cures using crystals. On Turtle Island (The Americas) crystals were used for ceremonial & healing purposes. India is noted for using crystals for healing & meditation by placing crystals on the 7 chakra centers of the body, the electrical currents would help balance the flow of energy. The Olmec/Mayans used quartz crystals for diagnosis & treatment of disease. Crystals are said to counteract the negative effects of planetary positions. Crystals & gemstones can be placed in a medicine bag . Sometimes they are carved in the shape of animals. Stones can be worn as jewelry.

“Imix” The Dragon, the 1st of 20 Olmec/Mayan Signatures, represents the source of life, divine nurturance & primal trust.  In China & Japan quartz crystal balls were considered the heart or essence of the dragon.  Dragons were thought to have great power recognized as wise evolved individuals. In east central Africa, the Kongamato African Dragon is illustrated as the pterodactyl (said to be a dinosaur).

dragons or dinosaurs - creation or evolution 1‏ - YouTube

www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeHDCfRzrXk10 min - Aug 15, 2010 - Uploaded by Tinkoneofsix
documentary about dragons or dinosaurs and how it fits in with creation or evolution.

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